Includes obtaining signatures and certificates, all necessary documentation, Aftercare (CPP death benefit applications, etc.), 12 (or more) Proof of Death Certificates, local transfer of deceased from place of death and to crematorium, return of cremated remains from crematorium to Circle of Life, minimal preparation for identification purposes, removal of jewelry (if requested), and shelter of deceased. Vehicles required include the transfer vehicle from place of death.

Professional and Staff Services
Coordinating Activities $870.00*
Registration and Documentation $605.00*
Facilities for Preparation/Shelter $490.00*
Transfer of Remains Vehicle $499.00*
Cremation Casket: Cardboard/Wood Tray (may be changed) $205.00*
Death Registration $53.00
Coroner's Fee $75.00
Cremation $575.00
Bereavement Authority of Ontario Consumer Protection Fee $30.00
HST:* $346.97

Urns and other merchandise available upon request

Staff Services at Cemetery $375.00*

Urns and other merchandise available upon request at additional costs*

Pacemaker removal $150.00 + HST

*HST applicable

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