Traditional Funeral Package

With 1 day Visitation (Casket present)

Includes the coordination and supervision of all services requested during the arrangement conference, 1 day visitation, Next Day Funeral Service and final disposition of the deceased. Also included are such items as obtaining signatures and certificates, all necessary documentation, Aftercare (CPP death benefit applications, etc.), 12 (or more) Proof of Death Certificates, local transfer of deceased from place of death, preparation as required, removal of jewellery (if requested), and shelter of deceased. Also included is the full, all day use of Circle of Life facilities. Vehicles required include a sedan used for administrative purposes, sedan for Celebrant/Clergy, funeral coach (hearse), and transfer vehicle from place of death.

Professional and Staff Services
Coordinating Activities $975.00*
Registration and Documentation $425.00*
Embalming of Remains $525.00*
Staff for Visitation $325.00*
Staff for Ceremony $325.00*
Facility Charges
Facilities for Preparation/Shelter $225.00*
Facilities for Visitation $495.00*
Facilities for Ceremony $495.00*
Equipment and Vehicles
General Purpose Vehicle $150.00*
Transfer of Remains Vehicle $415.00*
Funeral Coach $395.00*
Lead/Clergy Vehicle $190.00*
Victoriaville Fergus PC Poplar Casket (May be changed) $1499.00*
Death Registration $45.00
HST:* $837.07

Refreshments and other merchandise as selected

*HST applicable