Meet Emma

Many grieving families feel overwhelmed with their emotions and struggle to cope with their loss. Dogs are known to provide comfort, relieve anxiety, and provide support to families trying to manage their grief. For this reason, dogs are a wonderful addition to funeral homes!

Stroking an animal has proven to have a positive psychological effect. It increases a person's serotonin and dopamine levels. This boosts mood and helps lower stress and blood pressure. 

Our resident comfort dog, Emma, was a happy accident. Karin recalls bringing Emma to work when she was a puppy, not having the heart to leave her at home. This evolved into Emma becoming Circle of Life’s trusted four-legged helper. 

Emma is a miniature schnauzer with a timid and sweet personality. She has the innate ability to sense a person’s emotional needs and act on them. People light up when Emma comes to the door to greet them! One reviewer says, “from the moment I walked in the front door and was greeted by Emma, who wagged her tail and guided me to the arrangement room, I felt I had made the right choice.” Another says, “Emma, the dog, added an extra warm touch.”

We are so happy to have Emma as a member of our family here at Circle of Life. She is beloved by all!