Meet Issi

Issi Schuett is the Funeral Director’s Assistant at Circle of Life and sister of Karin Schuett  . She was born in Germany and moved to Canada at the age of 12. Before joining the Circle of Life team, Issi was a loyal employee at Canada Post for 34 years. She was excited to embark on a new journey with the support of her husband Brian and, of course, Emma the resident comfort dog! 

As a Funeral Director’s Assistant, Issi answers phone inquiries about services and assists with a variety of tasks that come with the position. The most important and rewarding part of her job, however, is having the honor of being trusted to take care of families and their loved ones. 

Working alongside her sister has also been an incredibly rewarding experience. Issi admires “Karin’s passion and dedication to her profession” which she finds inspiring. I sometimes remind her that she is not the boss of me, but my sister! I am very lucky that, above all, she is my best friend.”

Circle of Life has also afforded Issi the opportunity to pursue her passion for art. She first fell in love with making stained glass 10 years ago when her daughter gifted her a course. The opportunity to do stained glass at Circle of Life came when Karin ordered a stained-glass urn for one of the families; this prompted Issi to set up a small studio at Circle of Life to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind urns whenever time allows. She also makes stained glass sun catchers that are gifted to grieving families.