We know that, in today’s economy, it’s imperative that you know what options are available to you so that you can discuss the merits of each in the privacy of your home. Naturally we’re always here to answer your questions. Feel free to call us anytime to explore the variety of ways you can care for both your loved one’s memory and their physical remains.

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Cremation Caskets

Eco -100

Price: $450.00

The Stratford

Price: $195.00

Wooden Caskets

Newington PC

Price: $2595.00

Woodstock PC

Price: $3600.00

Dominion PC

Price: $3195.00

White Rose PC

Price: $2750.00

Winfield PC

Price: $2700.00

Heavenly White PC

Price: $2500.00

Atlantic PC

Price: $2300.00

Nell Pine PC

Price: $2200.00

Gatewood PC

Price: $1999.00

Fergus PC

Price: $1799.00

The Natura

Price: $1499.00

Green and Eco Friendly Caskets

The Natura

Price: $1499.00


Forever Two Hearts

Single: $595

Companion: $1100

Esfera Onyx

Price: $475

Ceramic Raku 1

Price: $349.00

Purple Heart

Price: $360

Exotic Heart

Price: $360

Mother of Pearl

Price: $275.00

Starry Night

Price: $275.00

Peaceful Rainbow

Price: $275.00

Golfer's Heaven

Price: $275.00

Fishing Forever

Price: $275.00

Sailing Bliss

Price: $275.00


Price: $275

Adult Flying Doves

Price: $325.00

Saturn Chestnut

Price: $295.00

Fusion Onyx

Price: $245

Oak Tree

Price: $245

Celeste Pearl

Price: $190.00

Celeste Indigo

Price: $190.00

Orbit Bamboo

Price: $225.00

Cognac Bamboo

Price: $225.00

Andover Ebony

Price: $150.00

Andover Mocha

Price: $150.00

Scattering Tubes

Bluebell Forest

Price: $110.00

Ocean Sunset

Price: $110.00

Rainbow Pond

Price: $110.00

Ascending Dove

Price: $110.00

Travelling/Scattering Eco Urns

Fingerprint Jewellery and Commemorative Pieces

Men & Women's Rings

Men's Ring (left): $295

Women's Ring (right): $275

Oval Keepsake

Price: $279

Guitar pick

Price: $55 per dozen

Stained Glass by Isolde Schuett

The Butterfly

Price: $325.00

The Rose

Price: $225.00

Pet Cremation Jewellery

Fire Hydrant

Price: $275.00

Cameo Cat

Price: $350.00

Round Paw

Price: $275.00

Heart Cat

Price: $275.00